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The Stark County Family Court

Juvenile Probation


Judge Jim D. James
Judge Michael L. Howard
Judge Rosemarie A. Hall

Chief Probation Officer- Joyce Salapack

Probation Supervisor - Tim Wires


Probation Officers

Alliance- Cathy Vesco/Abbey Leonard
Massillon- Jennifer Crable/Jason Hamilton 
Tiffany Adkins 
John Leyda
Monica Holt-Parrish
Sylvia Hubbard
Cathey Mitchell
Henry LaRocca
Lindsey Showalter
Megan Thorne
Skylar Woods
Shelly Reed
Jeremy Maher
George Lancaster

Work Connections

Rick Senften
Mattias Collins
Theresa Pahanish-Eitel

Teen Court Coordinator

Erica Spencer

Probation Secretary

Vicki Ruegg

Office Manager - Alliance

Linda Cuerbo

Probation is a legal status created in the Ohio Revised Code and ordered by the Court, which permits a juvenile to remain in the community under the supervision and guidance of a Probation Officer. The Probation Officer determines the length of sentence based on the orders of the Court and the progress of the juvenile and the family in successfully completing the goals of probation.

The Juvenile Probation Department consists of a Chief Probation Officer, Probation Supervisor, 13 Probation Officers and 3 secretaries. The Juvenile Probation Department works out of three offices, the central office located in the County Office Building in Canton, a satellite office in the Alliance City Hall and also one in the Massillon City Hall. The Judges and Magistrates of the Juvenile Court placed on average over 500 juveniles on probation. Probation Officer's caseloads range from 40 to 50.

Probation Officers routinely attend workshops and conferences on Child Sex Offenders, Sexual Violent Offender, Youth Courts and Teen Building, and Juveniles and Gangs. The Probation Department also participates with the Department of Criminal Justice at Kent State University, University of Akron, Bowling Green University, Stark State Technical College and Mount Union College in providing internship opportunities. This allows qualified students to participate in the day-to-day activities of the department and assist with the supervision of juveniles

The Court has assigned probation officers with specific training and skills to work with juvenile sex offenders. Many of these cases were assigned probation, intensive wrap around services, and treatment services. In addition to supervising sex offenders, they are involved in treatment for the offender, participating in group therapy with the offenders at their respective counseling agencies, and following the assigned cases from arraignment to final disposition. They also conduct pre-sentence investigations for their clients, develop safety plans, refer offenders for evaluations, provide background information to assessors, make school, home, and community contacts, offer recommendations and insight to the prosecutor's office and defense counsel. They also attend all formal court hearings, conduct informal hearings, and give presentations on the treatment of sex offenders in the community If juveniles cannot be monitored in the community safely they can be placed in a treatment facility or in an institution operated by the Ohio Department of Youth Services. The Court has also assigned two probation officers who work with juveniles who maybe involved in gangs. They work closely with law enforcement in an effort to reduce community violence.

Vicki Ruegg, Administrative Secretary for the Central Office, is responsible to the Chief Probation Officer and for the work of 13 Probation Officers. In addition to her normal duties and activities, she processes commitments to the Ohio Department of Youth Services, and prepares and schedules requests for early release hearings from DYS facilities. She is also responsible for maintaining monthly, quarterly and yearly reports for the probation department and for the Department of Youth Services, processing new probation cases, discharging probationers from probation, filing warrants, and violation of prior court order charges and other requests submitted by the staff assigned to the Central Office.

Alliance and Massillon satellite offices are responsible for a number of activities. In addition to an assigned probation caseload, the staff process and close cases informally. Many of the informal cases are diverted to community agencies and programs designed to meet the varied problems of the juveniles and families that are referred to Juvenile Court.