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The Stark County Auditor

Auditor's Sales

Properties Forfeited to the State of Ohio

Parcel NumberCase NumberProperty AddressCity/Township
1001612014CV02857224 E Oxford StAlliance City
1002502014CV02539552 E Market StAlliance City
1006022014CV02681434 N Union AveAlliance City
1013502014CV025911229 Avalon AveAlliance City
101573; 101699; 1057592014CV01562741 E Broadway StAlliance City
1027632014CV02509204 W Cambridge StAlliance City
1047672013CV02800526 McNally CtAlliance City
1059722014CV02491125 Geiger AveAlliance City
1070212014CV02656158 Main St EAlliance City
1073072014CV02508715 S Lincoln AveAlliance City
1088202014CV029111422 Wade AveAlliance City
1096302014CV02829123 W Summit StAlliance City
11009222014CV01612Uganda ParkwayBethlehem Township
1130222014CV0195575 Glamorgan StAllliance City
1134512014CV02896405 River StAlliance City
2012412014CV01953Sylvan Ct NECanton City
2024592014CV01143High Ave NWCanton City
2030192012CV01719Union Ave SWCanton City
2032772013CV02845Correll Ave NECanton City
2035312010CV03739Shorb Ave NWCanton City
2045572015CV00122Struble Ave NECanton City
2082662014CV02524300 Mason PlCanton City
2089032014CV014121613 St Elmo Ave NECanton City
2108682014CV02154420 Crestmont Ave SECanton City
2116252014CV00393700 Rowland Ave NECanton City
211965; 2331352014CV01900Clarendon Ave SWCanton City
214749; 2307032014CV01449609 Harrison Ave SWCanton City
2157932010CV04087Shorb Ave NWCanton City
2163082014CV011416th St NWCanton City
216317; 2163182014CV025121623 Laiblin Pl NECanton City
2166192008CV04845Schwalm Ave NECanton City
2175302013CV028461404 Gibbs Ave NECanton City
2194502012CV018926th St NECanton City
2204712014CV00053812 5th St SWCanton City
22062172009CV0427312777 Mogadore Ave NWLake Township
2209152014CV01570Garfield Ave SWCanton City
2209262014CV01144715 High Ave NWCanton City
2214082014CV01868Stark Ave SWCanton City
2219782014CV02035510 10th St NWCanton City
2234282014CV0157116th St NECanton City
2252172014CV01335Shriver Ave NECanton City
2252712014CV01561Wells Ave SWCanton City
2253172008CV011323rd St NECanton City
2255342014CV02111331 Broad Ave NWCanton City
2259352014CV01563Shorb Ave NWCanton City
2281072014CV02053Arlington Ave SWCanton City
2291182012CV03964820 Plymouth Ct NWCanton City
2298382012CV0172011th ST SECanton City
2305952014CV01357Bachert Ct SWCanton City
2308642013CV00286615 Wells Ave SWCanton City
2313612014CV012923rd St NECanton City
2318382011CV04033B4th St SECanton City
2334972014CV014472310 7th St SWCanton City
2359342012CV015891725 - 9th St NECanton City
2372372013CV00315Wells Ave SWCanton City
2384852014CV0119922408 Navarre Rd SWCanton City
2386072014CV01634Housel Ave SECanton City
2466452012CV036269th St NWCanton City
29002842014CV0186911100 Vaughn Ave NELexington Township
29006242014CV0285612143 Union Ave NELexintgon Township
36040432013CV01117Clara CtLouisville City
37042042008CV046107095 Fairhill St SEOsnaburg Township
52022952014CV02910Dorothy Ave NEPlain Township
52049002014CV026922811 Fairmount Blvd NEPlain Township
6003712014CV01126407 11th St SWMassillon City
6004522014CV0156051 Marion Ave SEMassillon City
6010142014CV01159828 Green Ave SWMassillon City
6053142014CV0117216 Burton Ave NWMassillon City
6097402014CV016941329 Kracker St NWMassillon City
6108142014CV0157311th St SWMassillon City
6123232014CV01416547 Neale Ave SWMassillon City
6124462014CV01574Lincoln Way EMassillon City
6146942014CV01664816 6th St SWMassillon City
6147882014CV01176861 Wellman Ave SEMassillon City
74003252011CV0264911736 Lincoln Way NWTuscarawas Township

Forfeited Land List

Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 5723.04

The county auditor shall maintain a list of forfeited lands and shall offer such lands for sale annually, or more frequently if the auditor determines that more frequent sales are necessary.

The 2015 Auditor's Sale will be held at the Stark County Office Building On December 17th at 10:00 AM