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What is the homestead exemption?

The homestead exemption allows senior citizens and permanently and totally disabled Ohioans with 2015 household income that does not exceed $31,500 as determined by the Ohio adjusted income tax of the owner and the owner's spouse to reduce their property tax bills by shielding some of the market value of their homes from taxation.

The exemption, which takes the form of a credit on property tax bills, allows qualifying homeowners to exempt $25,000 of the market value of their homes from all local property taxes. For example, through the homestead exemption, a home with a market value of $100,000 is billed as if it is worth $75,000. The exact amount of savings varies from location to location. The tax exemption is limited to the homestead, which Ohio law defines as an owner’s dwelling and up to one acre of land. The value of the exemption may not exceed the value of the homestead.